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"Untangled" | Pen Art (inkart-penart-surrealism-art)

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

July 18 Entry 2 B pencil and 0.5 pen on paper (inkart-penart-surrealism-art)

"Untangled" | Pen Art

It's liberating how I stopped fawning over you, realizing I painted your tainted aura with colors so bright that it fueled my limerence.

Once upon a time, I thought you were my Universe. What was once a magnificent view turned into a floating and unfathomable grave. With rocks being thrown around, speeding, lethal, ruthless.

I held on for so long that my hand bleed from the tangles of your poisonous thread. You suck the life out of me, and for the longest time - I allow this to happen. I allow you to consume me.

Until I finally said enough.

And this has to stop.

Your chapter ends here.

"Untangled" | Pen Art (inkart-penart-surrealism-art)

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