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"Pyschedelic" | Arts and Writing by Precy Ibasco

January 4 Entry (First Artwork of 2024)

Pen, Marker, Gel Pen on Paper



Arts and Writing by Me


Let me take you to a magical world where loneliness is never an option.


And if you ever wonder how that's possible - I'll let you in  a little secret;


We take everything that's good and wring it to dry for our own gain.


We suck the life out of them to power us above, to keep us alive.


We farm their magical aura to make us shine, these neon lights are just never enough.


In this world, we will forever be happy.


The art concept is about anything that seems like an energy vampire.

This is a surrealism art that conveys something that's "good" (represented by shrooms due to its psychedelic effects - thus the term "good") that's being sucked, consumed, devoured by the world above (represented by the colorful and bright castle). The whale is an artistic representation of something that "drives" us, figuratively - from one place to another.

In psychedelic concept, shrooms are always represented in either colorful arts or mind boggling surrealism arts - but in this piece, I colored it using RED and BLACK - to portray how the 'castle' above is draining them of their magic.

In response to this, the castle is in overwhelming, screaming colors, when it shouldn't have been. When in reality castles are just plain black or browns!

This is like an upside-down world where only one party benefits from the other. This could mean a lot of things and I'd like the audience to make out their own stories out of it.

But in general, what I wanted to convey on the art itself and the creative writing is something cathartic yet the very definition of what it's like being a human. Most if not all, love to just take and take and take, until nothing is left on what was once good - just for us to be happy, to maintain the facade that nothing in our life is ever in shambles. To put on a show, because after all - we are just the main protagonist of our own stories.

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