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"Unspoken Poetry" | Ink Surrealism Art

November 29th Entry. Pen on Paper. Surrealism Art

"Unspoken Poetry"

Art & Writing by Me

I like to think that the people you fall in love with intensely are just fragments of yourself finding their way back to you.

It's not someone you were expecting to meet, they just came. Nor something you were expecting to happen, it just happens. Because it's pre-written and it will happen.

And YOU came. WE happened.

Did I already tell you how my heart was racing when you softly pinched my nose on our car ride going home after our first date?

Did I ever mention that I planted that sunflower you bought for me just so I can keep it longer?

Did I already tell you how my heart was happy when you took me to that event and made me meet your friends?

Did I already tell you how you made my once dark mornings into a colorful picture?

Did I ever say that in this world full of lukewarm relationships, you made me feel warmer?

Silly me. I didn't, did I?

But when I hold your hand, while pressing it gently, I hope you know the unspoken poetry I've engraved in my heart.

I hope you know that in my silence, a thousand words are running around my head trying to come up with a beautiful piece to describe you.

A perfectly splendid poetry that need not be spoken, only felt.

Ink art, Pen art, Surrealism Art
Unspoken Poetry | Ink art, Pen art, Surrealism Art

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